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Property sales and Rental agents

•    We trade as Volks Property Consultants in Botswana

•    We market and source either a buyer or tenant for your Real Estate, be it residential, commercial,

      civic & community, industrial or undeveloped barren land.

•    We are an extraordinary ESTATE AGENT OF CHOICE dealing with sales and rental of immovable

     property, i.e. land together with any developments therein.

•    Our friendly, experienced, pro-active professional approach continues to reap immensely profitable

     rewards for both the property owners in search of the right buyer for the

     property  and indeed for aspiring buyers in search for the right property.     

•    We move with eagle speed & focus to provide both the buyer and seller with excellent personal


•    Our operations are guided by honesty, efficiency, integrity, quality, and value-addition to our


Property Search

    Houses to Buy
    Houses for Rent
    Commercial & Industrial Property
    Farms
    Plots


Sales & Distribution

•    Volks Trading are sales agents for various products such as foods, stationary,

      office furniture & equipment, machinery, cleaning chemicals, coatings, hardware, many others.

•    We run a number of mini-supermarkets and general dealer stores to enhance our distribution

      network and we actively participate in government supplies tenders.

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Plot 54015, Phase 4, Unit 1, Suit 17
Mokukumelo Rd, G-west
(+267) 3919756